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Pull Thru Fleece Scarf
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Pull Thru Fleece Scarf

DIYStyle Vodcast Episode 71



¼ (one fourth) yard of two polar fleece solids or prints

Matching Dual Duty XP thread


Cut each piece of fleece to 40” x 8”



  1. Place both fleece rectangles right sides together. Stitch around all outer edges, using a ½” seam allowance. Leave a 4” opening along one long side
  2. Trim corners then turn scarf right side out. Hand stitch opening closed.
  3. Find center of scarf by folding in half lengthwise. Mark this with a pin near one of the ends of the rectangle.
  4. From one end of the scarf, measure 7” from edge. Mark this spot along the center. Measure and mark a 3”  line from this point to create a slit for the scarf to pull thru. Pin to hold both layers in place at both ends of this mark.
  5. Using a straight stitch, stitch 1/8” away from the line all around, forming a narrow “box”. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut open slit. Pull finished scarf end thru opening……….Viola……….a simple fast pull thru scarf!

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