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Braided Knit Headbands
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Braided Knit Headbands

DIYStyle Vodcast Episode 74

Materials needed:

  • Old knit t-shirt or scrap knit fabric
  • VELCRO ® brand sew on coins
  • Sewing needle
  • All purpose thread


  1. Cut three 1 ½” strips of knit fabric as long as you can make them
  2. The fabric should curl into itself when you tug gently at each end.  If not, you may need to sew these tubes on the machine.
  3. Knot the three pieces together leaving enough of a tail from at least one strip for a tie closure.
  4. Attach the three strips to a secure surface such as a dress form or ironing table using a safety pin.
  5. Braid the three pieces together for  at least a 15” braid.
  6. Knot the three pieces together at the end leaving a tail again for closure.

Flower and Rosette

  1. Cut out three 3 ½” squares from your knit fabric or t-shirt.
  2. Cut each square in half diagonally.  You will only need 5 triangles.
  3. Using your needle and thread, attach the triangles together using a long running stitch.  Attach the first and last petal together to create the flower.
  4. For the center rosette, you can use a scrap piece of knit from your headband.  Begin by wrapping the knit into itself, twisting and folding as you go to create interest in your rosette.
  5. When your desired size is reached, use your needle and thread to secure the rosette going in and out from side to side.
  6. To attach the rosette to the center of the flower, simply use your same needle and thread in an up and down motion, being sure to attach the rosette in the center of the flower.
  7. Sew the hook part of your VELCRO ® sew on coin to the center back of your finished flower using the same simple up and down stitch with your needle and thread.
  8. Sew the loop part of your VELCRO ® sew on coin to your finished headband in the location you desire.  I prefer about 3-4” from the edge.
  9. Now you can attach and detach your flower for any occasion!
  10. For other decorative options, create 2 or 3 more rosettes and switch out your designs!

Helpful Hints: Thin knit that curls into itself is definitely key to keeping this design simple and easy!!!

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